Pakistan’s First Electric Rickshaw Unveils by Sazgar

Electric rickshaws are taking over to the ordinary auto-rickshaws and hauled rickshaws at very low fuel cost. We are absolutely upgrading in legit everything whether its mobile phones or vehicles. Electric rickshaws are being mainly well-known for an alternative to petrol/CNG/diesel auto-rickshaws. They are basically three-wheelers pulled by an electric motor ranging. Looking forward to it Sazgar Autos is all ready to launch an automatic three-wheeler.

This electric rickshaw is powered by 3kw motor with a 7.7kwh of the battery pack. It requires 5 hours to fully charge while it’s capable to run up to 170km before needed a further recharge. The electric rickshaw will be produced locally economical the EV-kit.

Sazgar aspires to export this electric rickshaw to other markets since its already exporting the diesel fuel 4-stroke rickshaws to various countries. The company has acquired Greenfield is also in the process of introducing a range of passenger vehicles in Pakistan under the brand name BAIC, Crossover, SUVs, and Minivans. The event is going to be conducted at the Sazgar Car plant which is situated at Sunder Road, Lahore. Malik Amin Aslam at the special advisory of our Prime Minister Imran Khan on climatic change in the country is invited as the chief guest of the event. The launching event of Sazgar Autos was held at 10:30 am at Lahore.

The company, Sazgar Autos will unveil the battery-powered three-wheelers vehicle and the spokesmen will escort the attendees regarding the attributes of the EV. The Sazgar autos are well-known for its state of the art premium 4 strokes rickshaws in the country. As the country is highlighting greatly on manufacturing and dispersal of the Electric Vehicle by this year and the company has developed an electric three-wheeler regarding the National EV Policy. According to the notification posted by the company is fully ready to initiate the manufacturing of the battery containing three-wheeler rickshaws. Since last year, the government is making every possible endeavor to transmute the vehicles into electric fuel. The transition to EVs is in discussion mostly because the climate of the country is heavenly affected by the pollution which is causing several health problems in public. Like, not just that EVs are also a great fount of potential investment for Pakistan.

The battery containing three-wheeler is designed in such a way as EcoRik Li-Ion battery. The battery is 48V, 125Ah, and 6kwh. Overall charging for the EV is estimated as 5 hours following with the passengers the rickshaw can drive 125kms as per the spokes persona at the event. Besides that the customers can save Rs.180000/- fuel expense. The electric rickshaw will be locally manufactured including the spare parts except for the electric kit of it. According to the representatives of the company the EV is absolutely perfect for exporting as well as promoting and enhancing the industrial growth of the country. In the near neoteric future, the company is all set to launch the biggest and super phenomenal BAIC vehicles. For sure, we couldn’t have asked anything better than this.


Noor Mani is senior tech correspondent and renowned professional writer from Pakistani local Newspaper Weekly Multan. She is a P.E.C accredited Electronics Engineer and has wide vision over technology and local media industry scope. She is now a Managing Editor at Web.PK. You can email her at noor @ web.pk.

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