First Pakistani Girl to Win at Figure Skating –Mallak Faisal

Mallak Faisal is a 12-year-old Pakistani girl to figure ice skating in Pakistan. News reported by Islamabad following her spectacular performance the skater is winning medals globally plus skater is also winning the heart of fans by who has named her “Pakistan’s ice princess”. Mallak Faisal Zafar is a Dubai based Pakistani girl who acquired the top spot in the two-day Basic Novics Girls II Category at 24th International Eiscup Inssbruck 2019 from 22nd November till 24th November in Austria and basically bringing pride to Pakistan.

Mallak Faisal Zafar is the youngest skater of Pakistan by started doing skating at the age of 5 and hopes to represent Pakistan at the Winter Olympics in the future. Mallak has also escorted training camps for youngsters in Karachi and Islamabad in June 2019. Also, Mallak Faisal came out head in the two-day competition where she represented Spain against 22 major and dominant skaters from Italy and Austria.

Further Mallak Faisal told Gulf News in her first interview that it was a big competition for her. She is really happy that she won a gold medal. She worked so hard for it for months and did her best as she could. Isn’t it inspiring seeing such a young girl receiving a gold medal in such a small age? It is, right. Also, she expressed her love for Pakistan that Pakistan is so beautiful. She would love to go back again and experience skating and winter sports bigger and popular amongst the Pakistani girls.

Mallak visited Pakistan in 2018 with her parents to participate in Pakistan’s first figure skating contest winter resort in Naltar-Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan. Although her parents and Mallak have spent most of their time outside Pakistan but officially introduce figure skating in Pakistan at the Naltar competition and her video went all viral overall social media and have her fans who loved her skating skills.

Her parents are the proudest and they said that she deserved the title she received as it is confirmed with sports in Pakistan, although where winter sports are not as such popular. What a proud moment for Mallak Faisal’s parents!

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