Shoaib Mansoor’s “Dua-e-Reem”

International Women’s Day is passed but people are still talking about in Pakistan and I think they should, not because of Aurat March and their attractive and adrenaline gushing slogans and speeches which could make anyone fall in love with them, because of Dua-e-Reem.

Dua-e-Reem is another masterpiece of Shoaib Mansoor. The director of Bol and Khuda Kay Liye collaborated with Mahire Khan, Khirad of Humsafar, and made the song in a day in which the director shown the actress as a bride who was sitting with all females of house in traditional settings of the pre-partition in her sangeet in front of the merrymakers and folk female singers who transformed the iconic Lab pe aati into the prayer of a bride.

In her folk song, she prayed for the bride from God to give her tolerance and patience enough to tolerate the bad behavior of her husband. She versed that God gives her the strength to tolerate everything with a smile. In the song, she said that she would be thankful to god if threatened her to beat and if he beat so give her strength to be thankful to you (God) for not being beaten with the shoe.

The prayers brought a smile on the face of the mother when it was started but the smile changed into confused expressions and then into weeping and it became intolerable that the bride silenced the singer and said that she will pray herself. She started the pray with Lab pe aati but gave the ray of the progressive mindset. In the pray, the bride said that she would love her husband but she would not become submissive to him. She versed that God would give her strength to turn a man into a human. She prayed that she would not complain about husband in her home and sort out problems by herself. Thus, she ended the song that may there be love so much in the relation that if he loves ROTI and I love CHAWAL so we eat CHAWAL from ROTI. This line brought smile again on the face of the mother and spread joys on the faces of the singer too who sang with her.

The listeners praised the song a lot. It was trending on Twitter. One of the users said that it has excellent cinematography whereas others said that it brought tears in their eyes. Meanwhile, one of the tweets said that it the true prayer and statement of every woman.

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