Turkish Season Dirlis Ertugal in Pakistan

On the orders of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the most popular series of Turkish Drama, Dirlis Ertugal, will be aired on state-run PTV in Urdu from the first of Ramadan every-day at 9:10 PM. The channel announced via social media that all of the seasons of the series will be aired on PTV to showcase Muslim heroes.

The decision was praised by everyone. Senator and Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and Heritage Faisal Javed Khan appreciated the efforts of TRT World and said that series exhibit the Islamic faith and culture well enough to engage audience that give information about Turkish history, in a tweet. Mr. Javed further wrote on social media that plotline, actors and soundtracks have made the drama “intriguing” and “superb”.

Besides, Turkey-Pakistan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group head and Turkish lawmaker, Ali Sahin appreciated the effort of PTV and wrote on social media that PM of Pakistan has taken a positive move and he it will joyful for him to watch the series in Urdu.

In return, Senator thanked him and said that the series have come for “his home” to Pakistan where Sahin has completed his studies and lived for years.

Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia decided to launch channel to produce shows and series to promote Islam and Muslim heroes to combat the Islamophobia, last year in September, when the three agreed to work collectively to promote religion and Islamic history around the world, mainly in the West where there has been the wave of Islamophobia for years.

Dirlis Ertugal is one of the most fanous series of Turkey that has been aired in South Africa, Middle East and South America as well. The Turkish Games of Thrones showed the time of 13th century in Antolia before the establishment of Ottoman Empire. The drama gave details about the life and struggle of Ertugal Gazi, the father of the first emperor of the empire Osman I.

Since the launch of Urdu 1, Turkish series have become popular in Pakistan. The nation have the highest TRPs to Ishq-e-Mamnu and praised Fariha, Fatimagul, Ashiyana and many others. The citizens loved to watch series of Mera Sultan and Kosem Sultan as well.

Dirlis Ertugal is hoped to be successful in Pakistan like in other countries because of its story and due to the interest of Pakistanis in watching series about Muslim heroes and Islamic history.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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