SIM Jagao Offer is back with Free Minutes and SMS by Warid Prepaid

(Last Updated On: 22/03/2011)

Those Warid Connections (SIM) not used since January 2011, They can start using it now to receive free minutes and SMS equal to 10% of every recharge amount during the offer is valid. These can be used for making calls and sending SMS to any network. Along with that, you will automatically qualify for the Warid Bol Anmol bonus minutes at the end of the SIM Jagao offer.

Warid SIM Lagao Offer is a limited time offer.

1. How do I get my free minutes or SMS?

You will get free minutes or SMS equivalent to 10% of recharge amount, once your Warid SIM is activated.

2. How many times I can have free minutes or SMS and how long will they be valid for?

Free minutes or SMS are given on every recharge done during the campaign period. They will be valid for 3 days.

3. How I can use these free minutes and SMS?

Your free minutes and SMS can be used for making calls or sending SMS to any network i.e. Warid to Warid and any other mobile network.

4. How can I recharge my account to avail of this offer?

This offer is available for recharge through scratch card and Warid Ezeeload. It is not available through Warid balance share.

5. Can I avail Bol Anmol bonus minutes as well?

You can be eligible for Bol Anmol bonus minutes once this promotion ends.

6. What if I change my package?

In case you change your package, free minutes and SMS will be cancelled.

7. What about existing Free Minutes/SMS on recharge?

If you have existing free minutes or SMS in your account, then upon recharge the new free minutes or SMS will be transferred and accumulated in the previous one.

8. How do I check bonus?

You can check Bonus minutes and SMS can be checked by *200*1#.

9. How can I activate expired/inactive SIM or get a new SIM incase of lost/stolen?

To activate your expired/inactive SIM dial 321 or visit your nearest franchise or business center to get a free duplicate SIM incase it has been lost/stolen.

Warid SIM Jagao Offer Commercial



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