Nokia’s affordable Dual SIM Phones

(Last Updated On: 22/03/2011)

Dual SIM mobile is capable of simultaneously running two SIM cards of different network at the same time. Even dual sim phones have existed long before the release of this Nokia dual sim phone, not all of them can match the quality that Nokia offers.

Nokia Dual SIM Mobile Phones are C1-00 C1-01 C1-02 & C2

Nokia introduces a range of Dual SIM Mobile phones in the market. They are all of C series, as we know C series is not at all new for all of us because we have already seen Nokia C3 and Nokia C5. All these 4 phones are entry level handsets with satisfying basic need at affordable cost.

These mobiles have features like FM Radio, Color Screen, Flash Light and Send Messages.

Nokia C1-00 review

C1-00 is phone in which easy to make calls and send text messages,

  • flashlight
  • FM radio incorporated with the mobile phone and also 3.5mm standard headphone jack.
  • a good battery up to 6 weeks of use. Nokia promises that its the longest battery life phone that they have provided
  • This mobile also features a 128×160 pixels TFT color screen and also making it the cheapest color screen mobile.

Nokia C1-00 is a dual SIM mobile phone but the backdrop it is that only one SIM of those two will work at a time however you can shift from one to another quickly by restarting your phone. Good thing about this mobile is you can set ‘call divert’ feature in your mobile itself to ensure that you never miss a call from the other SIM which is off indirectly your 2 SIM are works simultaneously.

Nokia C1-01 and C1-02 review

The C1-01 C1-02 are very similar phones, the C1-01 includes FM radio, microSD card slot and a VGA resolution camera. C1-02 well, with FM radio, microSD card slot and VGA camera, but also has Bluetooth, Ovi Mail and Chat.

Nokia C2 review

It’s the most expensive in this range leaving about Rs. 2850, double SIM, with the tools of Life Tools Ovi, Ovi Ovi Mail and Chat, FM radio, microSD card slot, VGA camera, Bluetooth and a battery that Nokia says lasts up to 16.5 days of use.

Aside from the flexible sim features and functionality, the C2 Nokia dual sim is also loaded with great features that you want for a mobile phone. It has a VGA camera, an Mp3 player, and an FM radio with broadcast recording capabilities. It has a 3.5mm audio jack for the hands free headset and headphones, and also has a microSD slot that can be expanded with up to 32 Gigabytes with an SD card. It also supports Bluetooth and GPRS internet connectivity.


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