”Ishq Mumnu” Ask i Memnu Turkish Drama by Urdu One

(Last Updated On: 08/09/2012)

Ishq Mammnu is Turkish  romantic drama television series rebroadcast between 2008 and 2010 .This drama Ask-i-Memnu (English: Forbidden Love) Was originally presented in Turkish language. This drama gets great success in Turkey, the 2010 drama Aiske Mumnu by Ay yapam is now presented by Urdu1 newly launched entertainment TV Channel with the name of Ishq Mamnu with Urdu Translation.The story of this drama is taken from a novel written by Halit zeya which was performed in modern day acting environment.

Story of Ashq e memnu:

The story revolves around rich widower Adnan Ziyagil, who lives in a mansion on the shore of Istanbul’s Bosporus strait with his two children Bulent and Nihal, playboy Behlul, who is a distant relative, and the children’s nanny Deniz. When Adnan meets Bihter, a much younger woman, he suddenly falls in love with her. Bihter is also a socialite couple’s daughter and agrees to marry him thinking this as a form of revenge against her mother Firdevs who fancies Adnan. The story takes a tragic end when Adnan discovers the secret relationship between Behlül and Bihter ,Adnan zia marries with samar One the other side Muhammad and samar in love. The drama has beaten few dramas of Geo entertainment, Hum TV and ARY Digital because of its new touch and story.

Ashq e memnu drama serial Cast:

  • Bihter Yoreoglu (Beren Saat)
  • Behlul Haznedar (Kıvanç Tatlıtug)
  • Firdos Yöreoglu (Nebahat Cehre)
  • Adnan Ziyagil  (Selçuk Yontem)
  • Nihal Ziyagil (Hazal Kaya)
  • Bülent Ziyagil (Batuhan Karacakaya)
  • Deniz Decourton (a.k.a. Mademoiselle) Zerrin Tekindor
  • Peyker Yoreoglu (Nur Fettahoglu)
  • Nihat Onal (İlker Kızmaz)

Ashq e memnu drama serial wallpapers:

 Ashq e memnu Title Song:

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