NADRA Watan Card Facts & Online Tracking Verification

Yearly flood disasters in the remote areas of Pakistan has brought many policies and new offers by the government of Pakistan so that the flood affected people may get some relaxation after financial help.The flood victims are mostly illiterate and poor.They cannot read, write and understand English Language.But the policy makers are may be English Medium people that they have constructed a website and whole procedure of relieving layman in foreign language. Take an example of recently introduced Watan card with the coordination of NADRA(National Database and Registration Authority). According to the statistics given by  official website are as follows:

Total processed = 1,712,948

Card issued = 1,711,556

Card activated = 1,692,674

Not verified = 12, 653

If you visit a website and check out the eligible criteria, you will find the following image


If a person want to know the registration process,the following map is given with the standard time of whole process as 13 minutes.


The government has fulfilled its duty by constructing a website and giving a detailed map of whole process of Watan card but the question remains the same.Is this website is enough to guide the poor and illiterate flood victims who have not any internet facility? The given process is not easy unless any office boy or guide stands in the office and help the people step by step.Looking at the payment process, the following maze is shown which tell the complex story of payment process.

The reality is far from this illusion of website.The flood victims have not information how to go through the whole process and many officers demand bribe when victims go to the office,In order to compensate the victims financial crisis, the awareness campaign by the help of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA was also run via SMS service.This idea is almost failed because it also does not fulfill the actual needs of poor and illiterate people.The real benefit for the victims lies in the easy access and easy methodology awareness campaigns door to door.

Official website of Watan Card

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