Mobilink Jazz SMS Khazana 8

(Last Updated On: 10/08/2012)

After successes of SMS Khazana parts 1 through 7 now  Mobilink Jazz brings SMS Khazana 8 in which Jazz customers can win prizes.

Jazz SMS Khazana 8 is based on customers answering trivia questions to enter a lucky draw to win daily and weekly prizes, as well as a grand prize.

Just send an SMS to 5555 to start playing. Going one step further in rewarding our customers, the total prizes for SMS Khazana 8 equal a staggering Rs. 3 crore. Customers can win

  • 2 prizes of Rs. 100,000 daily,
  • one Suzuki Swift every week,
  • Eid prize of Rs. 1,500,000
  • And a bumper prize of Rs.5,000,000

on Every correct answer wins you 5 free Mobilink minutes and 20 free SMS and even every wrong answer wins you 5 free SMS. *Please refer to the terms and conditions for details. ** All Minutes and SMS won will be posted at the end of the campaign within 10-15 days. Post-paid users will get free VAS content like alerts and ringtones instead of minutes and SMS.

How To Play:

Step 1: The participant will send “JK” to 5555 to enter the contest. The users can send in any other key words or blank message to 5555. It will be accepted as well. The price of every SMS is Rs. 10+tax. Alternatively, the customer can dial 5555 to enter the contest through IVR. The price of IVR is Rs. 10+tax/min.

Step 2: The participant will receive a welcome SMS and the first question. In case of IVR, the participant will hear a welcome message along with the first question.

Step 3: The quiz mechanism consists of multiple choice questions with two answer options. Participants have to reply with his/her answer to accumulate points which will increase their possibilities to become a daily/weekly/final. The participant will send the answer he/she believes is the correct one by sending 1 or 2 to 5555. In case of participation through IVR, the participant will press 1 or 2 to answer the question. Once answered, user is notified if the answer was correct or incorrect. In case the user does not respond with option 1 or 2 or sends any other text/number, he /she will get an invalid reply message.


  • Rs. 10+tax / SMS
  • Rs. 10+tax / min (for IVR)

This service is available to both pre-paid and post-paid customers.

For more details, Terms and Conditions of SMS Khazana 8

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