Annie Jafri Got Engaged – Engagement Pics

It seems that there is a trend of engagements and marriages in television stars as after Sanam Baloch, Sarwat Gillani Ainee Jafferi has also found her love and soul mate in shape of Faris Rehman. Looking at the couple at their engagement ceremony it looked like they are made for each other. A small ceremoney was held for the engagement in which very few friends and close relatives were called. Ainee Jafferi looked amazing in her off-white(cream color) outfit. Her make up wasdone by Natasha Khalid which looked perfectly balanced on Ainee and regarding her hairs they were perfectly styled by Natasha’s sister Sabrina Khalid. Faris Rehman seemed very excited about the engagement and looked pretty decent in Kurta shalwar.

Some media experts are of the opinion that Annie Jafri has made an early decision about getting engaged because she was starting to get famous and recently started shinning at horizon of TV industry. This decision can affect her fan following and career while others think that all it depends upon quality work. Regarding her to be husband he is smart and handsome looking boy who is equity analyst in an organization at London. Marriages and Nikah’s are at its peak because people use to avoid such events in the month of Muharram due to respect of the month. Well there are still some days left in Muharram lets see who else in showbiz gives a pleasant surprise to his/her fans. May both of them prove to be lucky for each other. In the end we wish best of luck to Ainee Jafferi and Faris Rehman “man of accounts” for their up coming non-single life.

Annie Jafri Engagement Pics

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