Top 7 Romantic Turkish Mafia Dramas

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 25/04/2023
Romantic Turkish mafia dramas offer a unique and engaging form of entertainment that has captured the attention of many viewers in Pakistan. These Turkish dramas combine romance, action, and suspense.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Turkish mafia dramas in which a mob boss falls for a regular girl. Sometimes nasty guys might alter their ways because they fell in love with a woman. There are English subtitles for several Turkish dramas streaming on YouTube.


1. Black and White Love (2017-2018)

The Turkish Mafia romance serial Black and White Love (Siyah Beyaz Ask) has a diverse cast of characters. Asli and Ferhat are the main characters in the narrative. Ferhat, the mafia boss, is a harsh individual, while Asli, the doctor, is compassionate and respectful to her patients. Ferhat kidnaps Asli to heal one of his men and then is forced by circumstance to marry Asli.

There was excessive animosity between them at first, but their relationship blossomed into love as time passed. Ferhat’s heart opens and softens because of Asli’s love. An Urdu version of the show may be seen on YouTube. The video of which may be seen here. There are 32 episodes of this romantic turkish drama gangster.


2. Ramo (2020)

It’s a popular type of crime, a romantic turkish drama gangster. The series follows two people torn apart by their love for each other and the divide separating their families. Ramo is the head of the neighborhood outlaw crew. His rival’s daughter, Sibel. They fell in love despite their families’ eternal hatred of one another. Fatos and Nico, the secondary pair, have a love-hate dynamic. Forty episodes of Ramo include the acting talents of Murat Yildirim, Esra Bilgic, Camera Baysel, and llhan Sen.

3. The Circle (Halka, 2019)

Crime syndicates inspire The Circle. A mafia boss takes the child of an innocent guy and raises him to believe he is the son of a powerful mobster. Now an adult, he’s put in a tough spot where he has to contend with other crooks. The discovery of his actual identity would also help him with the psychological problems he’s having.

Hande Ercel, Serkan Cayoglu, Kaan Yildirim, and Hazal Subasi are only a few of the actors featured in Halka. Hande, who portrays the formidable Mujda, the daughter of a mafia boss, is equally impressive. You may get English subtitles for this Turkish drama gangster on YouTube. The video of which may be seen here

4. The Pit (Cukur) (2017)

To put it simply, Cukur is one of Istanbul’s neighborhoods. A powerful family controls the roost there, and narcotics are strictly forbidden. One of the boys, Yamac, doesn’t want to get involved in the shady family company. He has fallen in love with a regular girl named Sena and hopes to spend the rest of his life with her.

After losing his father, he feels obligated to take over the family company. When his newlywed wife can’t seem to track him down, she’s taken by surprise. Sena must also deal with the fallout from unknowingly falling in love with a mobster. It stars Aras Bulut and Dilan Cicek as a Turkish mob couple. There are a total of 131 episodes in the show’s four seasons.

5. Ezel (2009)

Omer’s life stops once his friends and sweetheart betray him. He spent time in prison for something he didn’t do, and his face was damaged. With the assistance of others, he is released from jail and has cosmetic surgery performed on his face. He begins exacting vengeance by assuming the name of a prominent man and going into hiding. His friends and sweetheart fall victim to his revenge as he slowly uncovers their hidden motives.

But he’s also trapped in the criminal underworld, facing more vigorous opponents. In Ezel, Kenan lmirzalioglu and Cansu Dere portrayed the central pair. Subtitled episodes of this romantic turkish drama gangster centered on a mafia group may be found online.

6. The Yard (2018)

Deniz (Demet Evgar) is a stunning middle-aged woman who has suffered years of abuse at the hands of her abusive partner. Hakan, her alcoholic husband, played by Teoman Kumbaracibasi, blames her for his lack of musical success and takes solace in booze. Deniz’s family may be affluent, but that doesn’t mean they’re content. She strives to be resilient and bear the abuse so that her daughter Ecem can have a better life (Eslem Akar).

Ecem shoots her father during a dispute one day while she is attempting to save her mother. Deniz is concerned that her daughter’s future will be ruined if she receives a punishment. This is why she lies and takes the fall for everything.

Deniz is accused of trying to kill her husband and therefore incarcerated. She gives up her privileged lifestyle and is torn away from her beautiful daughter. She must figure out how to make it in this strange new environment. She is frightened and caught in the midst of both inmates and guards.

Within the jail, there are two factions, both of which seek to dominate. Their respective leaders are Azra (Ceren Moray) and Kudret (Nursel Kose). Each inmate takes a side and submits to the authority of one of the prison gangs.

Until the lawsuit is resolved, Deniz plans to get along with every inmate and guard. Until then, she would rather not deal with anything stressful. But now she’s caught in the crossfire between the two factions. There is brutality and unfairness that she must face. Now she must decide whether she will stand with Azra, Kudret, or the jail guards. Or else Deniz will have to institute her own rules and regulations.

7. A Love Story (2013)

Korkut Ali, an impoverished orphan, meets Ceylan when they are both looking for their biological parents. As a result of discovering that his mother is wealthy and content with her life, including the birth of a son, he considers exacting retribution but is ultimately restrained by his feelings for Ceylan.

Korkut Ali is the only young man in a German television show about adopted children who speak positively about his own birth family. He continues to insist that his mother was forced to give him up until he is shot in an attack and waits for the bullet to enter his brain, at which point he accepts that his death is imminent.

He travels back to his own country and, upon his arrival, reunites with his sister, an orphan, only to discover that she is a young mother with a learning disability due to an accident. When the young guy finally locates her mother, his disappointment only grows. His mom is a renowned actress, and she gave him and his brother up because they were poor, but now they’re both famous musicians.

He no longer feels sadness or longing for his mother but just anger and contempt. He insinuates himself into their daily routine without letting them in on the reality. Despite his hostility toward his mom, he needs her affection. He now has both anguish and a yearning for his mother. When he returns to his own country, he meets up with Ceylan, a person he aided abroad. Ceylan and his family are helping out at their grandmother’s house.

And she has feelings for his stepbrother Tolga. He is on his deathbed when he realizes how much he loves her. So much so that he prays, “God, if you let me live with her for the rest of my life, I will cease this hate and hatred of my mother and end this revenge.” Although Ceylan develops feelings for Korkut Ali, she cannot wholly cut Tolga out of her life. An epic love affair ensues, with both men becoming heroes and the young woman torn between them.

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