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Vindu Dara Involved in IPL spot fixing

Bollywood Also Involved in IPL Spot Fixing

Things are getting clear day by day as the roots of IPL have reached bollywood. So far 11 bookies 3 players and a surprising addtion a bollywood actor has been taken to police custody. As it was being said that IPL pandora box has been opened and some very unexpected faces will be discovered in this crime and one of those face is Vindu Dara Singh. The tall 49 year old  bollywood actor was arrested by Mumbai police due to his links with bookies and some sources informed that he has admitted that he has done betting. Some other findings by police regarding Sreesanth are also very interesting that Sreesanth did shopping of Rs. 200,000/- in a day and gifted a new blackberry moblie to his girl friend on the other hand relations of players involved in spot fixing  with call girls provided by bookies are also being heard.

The IPL story is getting intersting day by day who knows how many other faces are still hidden ? Are we going to see some big celebrities involved in spot fixing in coming days or are we going to see high indian officals involved in the act? Well only time will tell what is going to come next in this regard. Whatever and who ever is involved in this must be taken behind the bars as they play with emtions of millions of people and affect the credibility of the gentleman’s game.

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