Abdullah Abid won International Award for Pakistan

Pakistan has been producing children and youth who are making their mark on the globe in technology and computing in recent times. Another such example is Muhammad Abdullah Abid. Abdullah who belongs to Lahore and he is a student of 9th class has developed a software, by the help of which traffic blockage and rush can be controlled in an effective manner.

The student of Pak-Turk school Lahore Abdullah’s software utilizes webcams. These webcams can watch the number of cars on all four sides of a traffic signal, and then calculate the number of cars on all four sides of the traffic signals. This system allows more time to those sides where traffic is in larger number and the sides having less number of cars will consequently have lesser time to move.

That’s not it. This traffic control system also has a feature by which it can send SMS or send radio signals. These SMS or radio signals inform the drivers about the blockage of the road and they can detour to an alternate route. In addition if anything suspicious is noticed by the traffic control system, it also informs Police about it.

After Abdullah developed this traffic control system, Pak-Turk school management sent Abdullah Abid to Ankara. In Ankara Abdullah Abid participated in International I.T competition where candidates from 48 countries of the world were competing. These countries included USA, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania and Brazil. The total number of projects presented by these candidates were 176 in number.

The jury announced Abdullah Abid’s project as the second best project and awarded him 300 dollars prize money. Director Education of Pak-Turk Mr. Kamil Toray said that in order to move forward, technology is a key and they will encourage Pakistani students to do well in this field.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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