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”Hasb e Haal” Most Watched Show of Dunya TV

(Last Updated On: 21/05/2013)

There is a variety of television viewers around the globe; some prefer watching dramas while some others enjoy music and there is yet another kind who love watching political shows or news updates daily. “Hasb-e-Haal” serves this purpose. It is telecasted from Thursday to Sunday at 11; 05 PST from Dunya TV. It is an unusual and thus a unique sort of show in which rough and crude political issues are discussed in a humorously casual way. Azizi, the heart of this show is majorly responsible for this. The character of “Azizi” is a dummy name for Sohail Ahmed, the brilliant asset of Pakistan Television Industry. Najia and Junaid Saleem and Azizi are currently hosting this “Socio-Political Satire”. It is actually an effort to say no to our torn socio-political traditions and rules. Azizi, a common citizen of Pakistan, unveils and satirizes with his co-hosts the immoral lawlessness, bad governance, lack of opportunity and incentives for an ordinary man, misconduct or lack of government policies and plea of a common citizen of Pakistan.  It is in fact, a voice rose against all such issues that Pakistan is suffering from.

''Hasb e Haal'' Most Watched Show of Dunya TV

”Hasb e Haal” Most Watched Show of Dunya TV

People have applauded Azizi’s character for its truthfulness, casual behavior, simplicity and wit. He is free from any formality and majorly represents a common Punjabi Man with no benefits and humble background.  Aftab Iqbal the brainchild chose this fake identity for him, once writing a column “Hasb e Haal” in Nawa e Waqt. With the passage of time Azizi became a symbol, a voice against corrupt social system and mock-political system of Pakistan. The show is divided into different sections such as: Hasb e Maazi, Khabron Per Tabsra, Hasb e Daak, Tu Tu Main Main, Siasi Film, Namak Paray, Interview, Bait Bazzi and so on.
It was launched in January 2009 and soon became “The Most Watched Show” of our country, without any doubt. Aftab Iqbal, the former host of this show proposed the idea of this sort of show to his producers. They liked his plan and just after a few episodes, it rocked the whole country at once. After a year and some months Aftab left the show due to some unknown reasons and Junaid Saleem became his alternate. “Hasb-e-haal” is a pioneer show and a trend-setter as just after its instant success, other channels also follow suit.

‘Hasb e Haal” Most Watched Show of Dunya TV:

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