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Amazing Turn Over in Election 2013 Pakistan Dead People also Casted Votes

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 21/05/2013)

A slogan was raised for the elections 2013 as the most fair and transparent elections in history of Pakistan but looking at the rigging incidents it seems that Rigging was conducted and elections have been done in it. Every party that participated in the election is having reservations on its transparency and is of the view that rigging was done in it openly. It’s not hidden from anybody that rigging was seen in every part of the country in different shapes such as the polling agents coming late, ballot boxes were not found in polling station, at some places already stamped ballot papers came out, at some places a single person casting many votes not only men, few women were also caught on camera casting several votes single handedly but the most interesting thing happened in Sialkot when it was discovered that dead people also came to cast their vote and the presiding officers also admitted that they have seen those people who came to vote. Yes that happened but  don’t get amazed it’s another form of rigging,

see how it works  people who died, their identity cards were taken and persons having resemblance with those who died were taken by the parties to cast vote at place of those who died and that’s how dead persons also casted their votes. Well it’s all been part of election 2013 in Pakistan. A question arises that why do we go for ballot paper election why not biometric election that is fair and corruption free election.

Amazing Turn Over in Election 2013 Pakistan Dead People also Casted Votes


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