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Imran Khan & Ayla Malik Controversy

(Last Updated On: 08/04/2013)

Ayla Malik is causing major disturbance in Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI). Not only the party but the Chairman PTI Imran Khan family members are also disturbed with Ayla Malik. According to news sources party veteran Inam Ullah Niazi was not given the party ticket to participate in 2013 elections due to the conflict between Ayla Malik and Inam Ullah Niazi. Sources claimed that Inam Ullah Niazi’s stance was that he won the intra-party election for the senior vice president of the party. He also said that he worked hard to groom the PTI in Mianwali and he should be given the party ticket to participate in the upcoming election 2013. After the party denied giving him the ticket for election, he has decided to participate in elections from Mianwali’s seat NA-72 as an independent candidate.

Many members of the family urged PTI Chairman Imran Khan to clear the position of Ayla Malik in the party and her position in personal life of Imran Khan as well. Moreover some very important people of Imran Khan’s family like Saeed Ullah Niazi, Najeeb Ullah Niazi and Hafiz Ullah Niazi also have differences with Imran Khan. They raised questions on Ayla Malik handling the party affairs. After the questions were raised, it is being noticed that Imran Khan did not respond to these questions and it seems that Ayla Malik has complete backup and support of Imran Khan on the issues dealt by Ayla Malik. He is accepting the decisions made by Ayla Malik as it is. Due to this many members of the family have boycotted Imran Khan and have claimed that due to Ayla Malik, fingers are being raised on their family and party.

Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) ex-president Punjab Saeed Ullah Niazi reportedly resigned from the party membership and has said that corrupt people joined the party and due to this party workers are getting dishearten. He further said that these selfish people are getting dominance in the party affairs and they are using Imran Khan for their personal interest. Once they accomplish their own personal interests, they’ll leave the party strangled.

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  • Jawad Sahib aap ki is soch ne hi is mulk ko tabahi ke dehana per pohancha diya hai, Ghalat ko Ghalat kehna sekho. Chahe woh kitna hi bara aadmi he kiyon na ho.

  • Honestly that is such unethical writing, if you are going to share something on the web that has the potential of reaching so many people the least you can do is research, or make a valid argument, instead of printing such crap….if imran khan was weak enough to be swayed by a pretty face and make decisions based on how he felt for a woman he would probably stilll be happily married and not running around putting himself in danger, trying to clean up the mess we have made of this country. I think we need to have more respect for the people that truly deserve it.

  • Well after reading your article, i am assuming that you're just trying to make a propaganda here. It has nothing to do with reality. Inam Ullah Niazi didn't get the ticket because he wasn't eligible. If we keep doing propaganda we won't be able to achieve the NEW PAKISTAN AT ALL. All we will see, just old faces of PMLN betraying us again. And infinitely worse, if PMLN comes they will not be able to stand, another general will have to take over it!

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