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Meera’s New Destination Pashto Film “Worbal”

(Last Updated On: 14/09/2013)

Meera is a famous Pakistani film actress. Now it is said that she is going to feature a new Pashto film. She has worked in many films and also worked in Indian films. The majority of the Pakistani people not like her because she creates many shameful scenes in Indian films and such scenes not suits to the Pakistani film actress. Now she is going to work in a new Pashto film named worbal. This new Pashto film will be shot in murree and Islamabad. The producer of this film is the shahid khan. He was talking to the social media he said that the venture of the film has a national focus. He said that this film will be based on the new stories and it will be allowed all over the nation unlike other Pashto film those are restricted at the province. He said that this film will be a milestone in the Pakistani film industry. This new film is change from all previous film and focused on the reality and this film will be allowed all over the province unlike the previous Pashto films. Very mainstream and well educated and well trained actors will perform in this film. This film will prove to be a milestone in the film industry of Pakistan. New and mainstream actors are now expressing an interest to act in Pashto films and all are greed to work in the Pashto films. The most famous film actress Meera agreed to work on the project on this film, although she also has other offers from KPK to work in the film but she only signed this film to work.

So despite having other offers of regional films meera is going to work only in this film. Some time ago due to unethical and bad films the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Home and tribal affairs department has been banned some films of the province to be screened in the cinemas and also because these films were not approved by the censor board of the KPK. That is why the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Home and tribal affairs department banned these films. However there is no such issue with this film. It is already approved by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Home and tribal affairs department and it will be screened all over the country. Meera s acting will be good in this film. The most talented Pakistani film producer Muhammad Kamal Pasha wrote the story of this film. Tahseen Khan is assigned for the camera work and to well organize the film “Worbal” and Saeed Tehkan will work on the dialogues of the film and he will write the dialogue for the actors. Shahid khan said that I hope that famous Pakistani film actors and stars will like to work with us on our next projects because we are going to upgrade our standers of films and Pashto movies. He further said that Meera is working on this film and Veena and Khushboo both will also perform in the next movies because they both have shown their interest in Pashto movies.

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