Muhabbat Eik Itefaq Turkish movie to Hit Pakistani Cinemas Soon

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(Last Updated On: 15/09/2013)

Turkish drama is very famous in Pakistani channels and are liked by Pakistani peoples. Now Muhabbat-Eik-Itefaq after the drama Ishq-e-Mamnoo is a journey from a small screen to the large and silver screen. This drama is liked by the Pakistani people at large scale and now the Turkish movies will be hit in the media. Turkish dramas are telecasted in Urdu language on Pakistani channels and are very hit among the people of Pakistan. First of all from drama Ishq-e-Memnoo to Fatima Gull to Junoon Tere Ishq Ka, viewers have a good and fine taste of the Turkish dramas. However now it is the golden time for Turkish film and drama industry to telecast their film on the silver screen of the Pakistan named ‘Muhabbat Eik Itefaq’ it will be the first Turkish film that will be launched and telecasted in Pakistan. Turkish dramas are dubbed in the Urdu language, Indian and Bangladesh also. This film will also be dubbed and will be telecasted in these three languages and countries. It will also be telecast in India and Bangladesh also. Before this film Turkish dramas are also telecasted in these three countries. The story of this film revolves around Deniz who is in love with Buraq but the main problem is this that the parents of the burq are not agreed at this proposal and not are agreed to marry Buraq with Deniz. However, Deniz is an ambitious girl and she refuses to give up her career at any cost.

On the other hand Ozgur is a photographer who meets Deniz in an exhibition and they realize that they both are met before. At this point the love triangle starts and Ozgur fall in love with Danes. Deniz’s acting career entangled with her relationship with Buraq and then Ozgur falling for Deniz. This love triangle is the film to see with full classic climax and interest. The credit of this movie will go to the production team of the Turkish film industry and also to the production team of the Pakistan film producers including Sohail. In this dubbed movie they work on the entire post-production work and the work of dubbing is the complex task to so it has taken place from dubbing to mixing of scenes, the effects of the scenes, theatrical trailer of the movies and the final printing of the movie itself is to be screened in the cinemas. The voices of the artists those are being dubbed in transfer from Turkish to Urdu are Muaz Raja for Ozgur, Fatima Khan (yea that’s me) for Deniz, Riffat Abbas for Buraq, Tariq Rao, Mazhar, Areeba Sohail, Denials Sohail, Shazia Shahid, Shama, Naghnama Tahir, Umer Saud, Usama Bin Hijazy, Habiba and many other artists are also performed in the dubbing and the movie. It is the success of the Pakistani film production department to successfully dub the voices of the Turkish actress to the Urdu. This Turkish movie is expected to be released at the EID-UL AZHA.

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