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Mubashir Lucman Threatened in Live Show by N League

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 23/06/2013)

Mubashir Lucman is one of the top most journalists and television anchors of Pakistan. Recently he got threatened in an ARY television program called “KHARA SACH”. It is a sort of program in which “Khara Sach” is brought to the public by showing footages, analysing the political situations by inviting known political figures to the show.
He was threatened by unknown people for showing footage of common Lahoris protesting against power outages. He showed an SMS message from his mobile phone saying,
“Apni Kher Manao!”
One would definitely wonder why he got such horrible threat on his mobile phone. Was it just for showing police beating empty-handed innocent masses? Or there is something else behind it???
He is a big name in the journalism and media industry; he would have done something really huge so that in return he has got a live message. His sin was he showed the footage of government-paid police illegally breaking into houses of commoners and beating them for protesting against the “Government”.
Mubashir, unlike other journalists and anchors who blur the realities and names to save them, openly blamed Punjab Government for this cruel act. He spoke against it and instead of banning the footage, he showed it once again. This was an act of buying the rage and anger of the Punjabi Government who is actually responsible for all this drama to suppress the poor masses.

Mubashir bluntly blamed them and remarked that he wonder if such kind of brutality happened in the pharaoh‘s period or not. He also replied (taking the chief minister of Punjab’s name) to the message and said that he is not afraid; he would not go on leave and stay in Lahore, hence ready to face all the danger and black-fate luring on his head!
It is defiantly a sad thing for us all to notice that “Sach” / Truth has become rare in this society now as for those who try to favour it are suppressed in one way or the other. The example of this footage shown and Mubashir Lucman indicate that ethics, morality, humanity have become scarce in our society and poverty has no rights at all.
Mubashir Lucman Threatened in Live Show by N League:

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