Facebook, Yahoo – American Government Has Access to your Personal Data

Internet giants (Google, MSN, Facebook, Skype, Pal Talk and Yahoo) are gathering your personal data. The data is intended to be used by National Security Agency of America to find out links of the suspected jihadists.

Earlier news revealed that NSA has been gathering data of phone calls of millions of customers of Verizon. This data will be analysed and calling patterns will be observed and by this activity NSA will discover identities of the callers.

After this news another revelation was uncovered that NSA is trying to get access to the data of internet giants like Yahoo, MSN, Google and Facebook. This program of gathering data and analyse this data to find out links with jihadists is code-named PRISM.

Although Patriot Act of the U.S does not allow NSA to access the data held by these companies this way but it does not see to attract the attention of the U.S people. They are seeing this as just news and getting back to their own lives.

The political leadership of the U.S says that this is the right step and it will help build a defence mechanism that will help save U.S from terrorist attacks.

Whatever the case is, it seems that these internet giants will now act as spies and this seems the only purpose they are serving right now. No one is sure what actually is the purpose of the U.S government gathering such huge amounts of data? Is it really going to be used against jihadists to save U.S from attacks of terrorists or this data can become basis for something that could wage war upon new countries suspected to aid the terrorists. Previously U.S attacked Iraq claiming that they had Bio-weapons that could be fatal for the U.S and none of those were found.

As far as we the users are concerned, we should be aware of this fact that our data has been gathered by these companies to give out to NSA and we should be careful in the use of these platforms.

Umar Farooq

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