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Nail Art & Nail Designs: Trend in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 22/04/2013)

Fashion is limitless and boundless. Wearing designer raiment, sexy shoes, keeping branded bags and putting on an imported lip gloss does not give fashion statement; rather fashion has a gigantic empire. It demands to affirm with every single detail of your very own self. You cannot ignore nail art in this regard. Nail Art, is the art of designing and embellishing your nails by using different methods. Nail Art is an ancient art. It began from Chinese 3000 years before Christ. It spread all over the world with time i.e. from Chinese it passed on to Indians, after Indians this decoration went to Egyptians and then to Inca civilization.

With modernization of Europe and United States in 19th century, nail embellishment got famous everywhere else. The latest nail art is very creative and interesting; it involves many techniques from nail wrapping with metals to nail painting, polishing and gel applications etc. Nail decking is now used as an important supporting accessory as well as a symbol of communication between various sub-cultures, such as punks, Goths and rock stars and so on. Pakistani girls are also impressed with this art.
Fashion is never complete without nail enhancement. Especially young girls are very keen to adopt latest nail shapes and designs. There is a variety of nail designs and shapes in the market. Latest nail decor keeps introducing fresh fashion nail products. Nail decoration products offer nail designs for all the shapes like oval, round, pointed, square and squ-oval. The latest trend of nail art is indeed very delicate. It requires a lot of care and ability.  So it is not very easy to decorate ones nails with great talent. Only a few beauty-experts do this job nicely, otherwise they prefer artificial nails.
They are easily available in the market in any color range and art on them. It is very easy to apply and then undo them so they are also in high demand in the fashion industry. They are good for temporary use. Nail decoration has many ways, like there is nail stamping and sticking. Nail stickers are very popular today. Most famous stickers are floral themed and animal motif stickers. Nails embellishing with real or fake rhinestones are also in rogue. Half-moon manicure has regain fame these days in French manicure. Nail designs also involves glittered nails and black nail polishes, they look hot and charming on trendy girls. Nail designing is available in all the salons and parlours, there are various packages for the fashion loving women for nail embellishing.
Nail Art & Nail Designs:

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