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Poisonous Nimko and Chips: Are your Kids Eating Healthy Snacks?

Children are the future of every nation. Healthy children means healthy nation. Are our children consuming poisonous and dangerous snacks, nimko and chips? The answer indeed is yes.

Some of those people who don’t have a conscience are poisoning our children with snacks made up of rotten potatoes with insects and worms crawling in them. The oil used for this purpose is derived from intestinal remains of animals and sometimes bones of animals. The sub-standard material used in these snacks, nimko and chips is just like a poison and their usage and popularity among kids of different age group is highly popular. All these poisonous items (chips, nimko and other snacks) are delivered everywhere in local and international popular brands’ packaging. One cannot easily differentiate between the original and sub-standard items.

The most jaw-dropping fact that needs to be mentioned here is that all these activities are carried out openly. Although there are law enforcing agencies that are entitled to take notice of such things in our environment, but unfortunately they are very busy in making money out of these activities and have given these agents free hand to destroy the future of our nation.

Rotten potatoes are cut into the shape of chips and then washed in such a way that the word “dirty” feels meaningless. After washing procedure is completed, they are shaped like the products of famous international brands. For these sub-standard chips to taste like international brands, they were immersed in dangerous for health chemicals, flavours and colours. After all these dangerous chemicals soak in completely into these chips, then they were roasted into the dirtiest animal ghee that you can ever imagine. Yes, the ghee produced by processing animal intestines and bones.

 SarAam Program on Snacks

These sub-standard products are produced in factories where one can get the real meaning of the word “dirty”. Bad odour and unbearable smell occupies you when you enter in such factory. The factories are present in residential areas and if none of the law enforcing agencies is taking any steps regarding these factories, it clearly means that they have been bribed not to take any action.

There are hundreds of thousands of such factories present in the form of a chain all around the major cities of our country and people responsible to take action against them are conscienceless enough to let them do whatever they are doing.

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