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The Sketches Pakistani Musical Band

The Sketches Pakistani Musical Band

(Last Updated On: 28/06/2018)

The Sketches band is the Sindh based music band from Jamshoro city. The band consists of two young members like vocalist Saif Samejo and the guitarist Naeem and they formed their band in 2003. At the time when the band was created Saif was the student of English Literature and Naeem was the fine arts student so during their student life they made their efforts to create the band. The focus of the band is to create rock and the Folk based music. Both members of this band also want to create their music in the Sindhi language because they want to maintain their identity. After the long period of struggle, they released their debut album in 2010 with the name “Dastkari” and in this album there were various types of songs in folk, Sufi and rock style and in different languages like in Urdu, Saraiki and Sindhi as well. Through their album they actually given the message of love, peace and most important they did their efforts to promote the culture heritage of Pakistan by creating music in different languages. The Sketches band received a nice response for their first album as people of different age group like their songs and videos on You Tube. The main focus of the band is to remain with the originality that is why band members creating their Sufi based music which as compared to other music bands in Pakistan is different and difficult as well. That is the reason band was acknowledged within the first year by the famous TV channels and font line magazines of Pakistan.

The Sketches Musical Band
The Sketches Musical Band

The sketches band actually gets worldwide popularity when the members of the band sang a song with name “Mand Waai” for the season 4 of the Coke Studio in 2011. This particular song was a Kalam of Sindhi Scholar Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai has gained a lot of popularity to the band on the face book. Recently, the members of Sketches band talked to website in which they said that they inspired from past popular bands like Junoon and the Vital Signs and from various Sindhi poets as well. They also said that through their music they want to promote the Sindhi culture because they love their culture as they belong to Sindh. They also said that they are working on their second album which will launch very soon. Those who are fans of The Sketches band then they can visit to the fan page of the band on Facebook where they can watch videos and find the latest news about this band.

The Sketches Ishq Da Kalma:

The Sketches – Nind Nashe Vich:

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