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Kaash Aisa Ho ARY TV Drama Serial

Kaash Aisa Ho ARY TV Drama Serial

(Last Updated On: 16/04/2013)

Kaash Aisa Ho is a recent production of ARY TV. Maha Malik has written its story and Sohail Javed has directed this beautiful serial. It began from January 2013. It has all the brilliant artists such as Muhib Mirza, Saba Qamar, Shahood Alvi, Zainab Qayyum, Jugan Kazim and Ali Sikander etc.
It’s a beautiful play that grabs your attention with the help of its strong of story-line. It is about a young artist who desires perfection in everything. He ruins his married life because of this obsession. He destroys his home and family to meet skyrocketing ambitions like money and beauty. He leaves his beloved wife and child alone, doleful and down.
Kaash Aisa Ho has catchy teasers and promos. They got a good public response. In Kaash Aisa Ho, Saba is playing the part of Irfa , She is an orphan and lives with her aunt. She is simple and loving girl. She is very sincere to her cousin Shayan. He is her wealth and everything in life. But for Shayan she is not the girl he wants, Shayan is rather thirsty for a divine goddess.

Kaash Aisa Ho ARY TV Drama Serial
Kaash Aisa Ho ARY TV Drama Serial

He is waiting for somebody out of this world, somebody superior and splendid. Ifra is broken-hearted after listening to Shayan and so she gets engage to another man.
Shayan, is a casual, happy-go-lucky kind of young painter. He is like a typical painter, beauty-worshiper. He rejects his loving cousin, Irfa because of it. He despite knowing, her feelings ignores them and moves on. He shows a little care about her also. He gets engaged with Mahjabeen, his ‘’beautiful” neighbor after rejecting Irfa.
Jugan Kazim, played the role of a neighborhood girl who is very adorable and captivating. She is jealous of Irfa. Jugan is betrothed to Shayan but later she calls it off as he does not have any future and marries someone else afterwards.
The story unfolds slow and steadily. It has a lot of potential. Its song “Kaash Aisa Ho k Ab K Bewafai” is well-sung by Humera Channa. It is on everyone’s lips these days. The play is grabbing its viewers and all episodes were super-liked.
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