Warid International Call Rate at UK, USA & Canada

Warid Telecommunication has newly offered to minimize the call charges on International calls. Now calling to UK, USA and Canada is not only possible but also very cheap. Almost half of the Pakistani citizens have settled in countries such as United Kingdom, United States or Canada for different purposes. It becomes very important to connect to them for communication as mostly people are settled alone oversees. Parents, spouses, children and even friends want to know all about them day after day since they live far away. It was never possible to talk to them for long hours before the Warid’s latest call offer.
With Warid now enjoy calling to USA landline numbers or mobiles, UK landline and Canada Landline and cell both in lowest ever call rates. Now Glow customers or Warid Prepaid users could communicate to their loved one living on foreign lands in just 90 paisa plus tax per minute.
Most exciting thing about this offer is that there is no extra fee for it or any sort of hidden charges in it. Warid is also worked on improving the voice quality, so this time speaking to friends outside Pakistan is without interruption and without botherations. If you want to make a call just dial 111 before any International number and enjoy the best call experience with Warid.

Warid has also offered calling to Bangladesh and India for Hyderabad, Sukkar and Karachi areas. This offer makes sure that the loved ones will always stay in touch with each other without any interruption and hurdle in low call rates and high quality calling.
It is an offer which will surely bring smile on all faces living separated lives from their beloveds and want to connect to them as much as they could. It was never possible before Warid. For Warid International call package has surely done a great thing for them to enjoy moments of happiness while connecting abroad.
To avail this offer, just dial 111 before your desired international number and experience the lowest calling rates coupled with supreme voice quality, i.e. dial 111<country code><city code><number>. For example, for calls to USA and Canada dial 111 001 XXX XXXXXXX.

  • USA (landline and mobile): 90 paisas per minute
  • Canada (landline and mobile): 90 paisas per minute
  • UK (landline): 90 paisas per minute
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