Samsung S4 Zoom Specifications & Price

(Last Updated On: 19/06/2013)

After achieving the status of one of the best smartphone makers, Samsung has stepped further to target the Nokia phones via the launch of its brand new Galaxy S4 zoom. It is the third Galaxy S4 Phone with immensely efficient camera of 16 Mega-pixels. It has an optical zoom lens of 10 x which is astonishing. Thus, it has become the most modern smartphone by Samsung today.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is meant for photo-shooting and image-capturing; let us check what makes it a “Camera Expert” mobile phone. The latest Zoom has a giant 16 mega pixels camera with Xenon flash, optical image stabilization and CMOS sensor also; but Samsung did not stop here but moved on to make it the first ever smartphone that has a 10 x optical zooming. It also includes a new feature which is its Zoom Ring. It allows the taken photos to be shared instantly, and also be twisted and used during a call. Its 8 GB storage system will help saving all the photos in the phone with microSD card area for extra-storage too. There are also many photo-shooting, video-shooting features included such as it will suggest scene settings, Photo Suggest, which will suggest you photos from library and direct you to find the best location to take a picture. Such brilliant specs have made it a regular camera with mobile features inside!

This smartphone is closer in specs of Galaxy S4 Mini as its smartphone features involves Super AMOLED display of 4.3 inch 960.540, 1.5 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz Dual-core processor. It has a TouchWiz latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean etc.
Physically Galaxy Zoom is 15.4 mm in depth while its weight is 208g. Its price is not yet announced. Galaxy is going to release in the United Kingdom first this summer and later by the end of this year to other European countries.
The newly arrived Galaxy S4 Zoom is equipped with brilliant camera specifications so it is best for the photography lovers. It is for all lively people wandering around the world to take pictures and share it in an instant to others via different means.
Samsung S4 Zoom Price: Coming Soon

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