World’s Tallest Building to be Constructed in Pakistan

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 28/06/2018)

So far there is no official confirmation of this building or its actual plans.

Out of drone attacks, killings in Karachi and Quetta, political crisis and protests in the capital city suddenly a news appears that worlds tallest buliding to be built in Pakistan. Well yes! this is possibly a stunning news all over the world and certainly is in Pakistan as nobody would have ever thought considering the circumstances that such a huge and unique project will be happening in Pakistan. Pakistan bussiness tycoon brings 45 billion dollar investement to Pakistan and which includes various projects like media city, education city, medical city, sports city,
international city but above all there is tallest building that is going to be built in Karachi on an island in arabian sea. The project involves 16000 acres of land and is a 15 year duration project. The project also includes the miniatures of 7 wonders of the world Out of 45 billion dollars 35 billion will be invested in Sindh and rest of 10 billion dolllars will be invested in Islamabad and Lahore. Malik Riaz is pretty hopefull that this investment will provide 2.5 Million jobs in Pakistan. Its worth mentioning here that currently tallest building is situated in Dubai  naming “burj Khalifa” having height of 832 meters having 163 floors and second tallest is “Makkah Royal Clock Tower” and is 601 meter long. So far height of the proposed tallest building  has not been reveled.

World Tallest Buliding in Karachi

World Tallest Buliding in Karachi


This major project of 45 billion dollar is being signed between Malik Riaz and Abu Dhabi group, Abu Dhabi group have already some big projects running successfully in Pakistan that is Alfalah Bank, Warid & Wateen Telecom. Pakistan bussiness tycoon said that he want to build a new Pakistan and its worth mentioning here that it is biggest ever investment made in Pakistan.

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