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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) holds the statuses of backbone in Pakistan despite there are number of telecommunication companies are operating in the telecommunication field. PTCL is providing largest fixed line network across the country which consist of around 2000 telephone exchanges. PTCL has various resources like internet, GSM and CDMA which makes it major organization in the country.

NOTE: PTCL has closd the service of online directory, you can still use service by calling on 1217 or 3rd party sites like 17.com.pk or http://ptcl.vitalcollections.com

In the field of broadband services, PTCL is considered as a first choice by the most of the people in Pakistan because of its easy access and quick services. PTCL is offering business specific services which include Audio conference service, Digital cross connect (DXX), Digital phone services and a number of other services as well. PTCL is also offering a number of attractive services for personal use like EVO 3G Wireless broadband, 3G EVO TAB and Smart TV etc. These services can easily get by calling to PTCL Helpline and by visiting PTCL customer care Centre’s across the country. PTCL is offering the advantage of wholesale services to its customers through which they can earn profit without too much investment. Recently, PTCL signed on an agreement with Meezan Bank for providing broadband services. PTCL is offering the online facility of PTCL directory through which anyone from any city of Pakistan can find details of any city relating to any number by just putting the number in the online directory of PTCL.

PTCL contains a complete list of PTCL numbers across the country which provides lots of help to find any desired number in an appropriate manner. It should also note that PTCL directory tells only about PTCL numbers but through it any information regarding the mobile number cannot be finding. PTCL is now available online with quick and easy access to any landlines number to any city which will provide a lot of assistant to online PTCL customers and to other people to find desired detail. For the 2012 & 2013 PTCL has included new numbers in its PTCL directory as well so which provide the guide to find details about a new list of Land line numbers. If you want to find the required detail regarding through PTCL directory, then you can do it very easily by just putting your number in the directory and will find landline detail by name and by address within few seconds.

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