Imran Abbas to Get Married Soon

Well bad news for all young ladies who were trying their level best to impress or desired to be the better half of handsome and ever charming Imran Abbas.  In past actors and actresses were very conscious about telling media about their relationship because they thought that it might do some damage to their showbiz career and were reluctant to disclose their relationship.

Nowadays actors and actresses very easily disclose their relationships in media rather some of the celebrities use this as a tool to remain in news. We have witnessed many make ups and break ups in recent past. Relationships between actors and actresses are used as publicity acts. On the other hand we also have witnessed lots of celebrity marriages in recent past specially last two years were full of celebrity marriages in Pakistan.

Coming back to our topic recently Imran Abbas revealed about love his life in an interview to an Indian channel. Before revealing big news he said that he has been associated to many of his co-stars both in India and Pakistan. Recently there was a buzz in industry that Imran Abbas and Bhipasha Basu are dating but Imran has made it very clear that he don’t have such relation in both film industries. Imran added that he is looking forward to tie knot in a year or two.

Imran added that he is seeing someone nowadays and he is totally attached to her. Imran made it very clear that she doesn’t belong neither to Lollywood and nor to Bollywood. Talented Imran said that his to be wife is family friend. Well this statement of Imran Abbas would definitely have broken hearts of many young ladies in Indo-Pak subcontinent who were looking forwarded to get married to this young talent of Pakistan.


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