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Coke Studio 7 to be Aired in September 2014

Coke Studio 7 to be Aired in September 2014

Yes Coke studio is back with its 7 edition, last season was ended abruptly and so far reason has not been disclosed and Coke studio lovers wants to watch its 7th edition at earliest. Well the wait for Coke studio is almost over as the program will be broadcasted this year September which means a few more days. This season will have something new as the producer of the Coke studio has been changed and now popular band Strings has produced the show.

Coke studio’s first edition was a mega hit and viewers were mesmerized by the music that was produced in that season.Some of the mega hits of Coke studio were Garaj Baras by Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh, Juggni of Arif Lohar and Mesha Shafi put both in spot light again, Atif Aslam’s remake of Jal was an outstanding track plus there are many other examples of lovely tracks.

The new producers of Coke studio are very hopeful regarding the success of this edition as they have said that they have worked hard on every song of the coke studio. So far disclosed artists who have participated in Coke studio’s 7th edition are Naseer & Shahab, Asrar, Jimmy Khan, Usman Riaz and Rahma Ali and other big names will be disclosed later. Comments of producers of Coke studio 7th edition were “We’re going to stay true to the CS feel and continue to merge elements of folk with modern music.

There are so many untapped musical treasures in Pakistan and we’re looking forward to exploring into them. At the same time, we’re hoping to bring back the oomph that has been missing from the show during the past few years. Coke Studio was spectacular up till Season 3 but after that, it lost out on its element of surprise. We plan to bring it back.” Let’s see whether Strings makes this edition successful or not!

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