PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share & MicroSD Card Sharing

PTCL has introduced new EVO Nitro Cloud-Share device for the customers. This device actually is a WiFi Hotspot Device in Nitro Cloud series and it is powered by battery.

This Hotspot device is able to connect to multiple WiFi devices wirelessly and provide these devices with high-speed internet. Connectable devices are mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptops and PDAs etc.

What distinguishes this devices from previous versions of Nitro Cloud devices is its ability to share the contents of MicroSD with other users who are also connected to this device via WiFi.

In addition, this device now comes with a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) option, 1.0 inch OLED screen that indicates signal strength, Roam status, WiFi, battery, WAN connection mode and status of the connection.

Moreover, in order to access this device’s portal, you need to go to “nitro.cs” instead of the complete IP address i.e. A spare battery is also shipped with this device.

Highlights of PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share Device

o   EV-DO REV-B access through intelligent mobile Hotspot.

o   Superior Rev. B Phase-2 compliant device that can support up to 14.7 MB/sec downlink and 5.4 MB/sec uplink speed in certain areas (currently Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi only).

o   9.3 MB/sec Rev.B speed in over 200 cities.

o   Able to connect up to 5 WiFi gadgets (mobiles, PDAs, laptops, gaming consoles) simultaneously.

o   1.0” OLED screen that indicates signal strength, battery and status of the connection.

o   MicroSD slot supporting up to 32 GB.

o   MicroSD Data can be shared over WiFi.

o   WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) lets you connect to WPS-Supported client devices without typing in a password.

o   CDMA Rev.A speed of 3.1 MB/sec in over 250 cities with 1X fallback.

o   1700 mAh battery that could run the device for 5 hours.

o   Spare battery shipped with device.

Price and Package of PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share Device

o   Free device including 3 months usage for Rupees 9,500

Monthly Package:

o   Rupees 1500 for 20 GB Volume

o   Rupees 3000 for 30 GB Volume

o   Rupees 3200 for 50 GB Volume

Where PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share Device can be Purchased:

o   Authorized retailers

o   Any PTCL One Stop Shop

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