Daewoo Online Ticket Booking / Reservation Now Available

(Last Updated On: 22/12/2014)

Travelling by road via bus is the major source of travel in Pakistan. Daewoo is one of the very renowned names in this category in Pakistan. When it comes to getting a ticket on short notice, everyone knows that it is quite a hassle.

The trend of purchasing a ticket online is quite common in modern countries. With the increase in internet users in Pakistan after the launch of 3G services, it was time that this trend was introduced in Pakistan as well. Daewoo has done exactly the same.

Procedure of Booking Online Ticket On Daewoo

Procedure is quite simple. You have to visit this link to purchase the ticket online. You have to select where will you leave from and where you want to go. Then select departure date. You will be presented with a list of available seats and types of buses along with some other relevant information. Furthermore you can select which seats you want to book and whether these seats are for gents or ladies.

Daewoo Online Ticket

After you have carried out the above mentioned procedure, you just have to fill your personal details and you can select the payment method.

Payment Methods for Daewoo Online Booking / Reservation of Tickets

Daewoo has introduced “Daewoo’s loyalty cards” as a payment option. Second method of payment is via your credit card. Third option is a prepaid card for Daewoo customers but work is still going on upon this option and it should be available soon.

Daewoo Online Ticket Payment

Once all the above procedure is done, you can print out your ticket. It is mandatory to mention here that the purchase of ticket should be made within 15 minute otherwise the booking / reservation will be cancelled.

This feature will be welcomed as you will have the whole picture of seats, reservations, departure time and schedule of buses all in the comfort of your home and you can save a lot of time and energy inquiring about this information. You don’t have to call the Daewoo customer service or visit the bus terminal.


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