New Zealand Cricket Team Donations For Peshawar Attack Victims

New Zealand Cricket team has given responsibility to star batsman Younis Khan to deliver the stuff with Army Public School Peshawar’s victims. Younis Khan on arrival to Karachi today has said that he will soon visit Army Public School victim children.

He said that skipper of New Zealand Cricket team Kane Williamson and other players have donated kit bags and various types of other stuff in order to donate to the Peshawar victims.

In addition to the stuff, Younis Khan has also been handed over the prize money of One-Day series so that it can be shared with the affected victims.

Younis Khan told media that he feels honored that he was chosen to represent Kiwi team in order to share their condolences with Peshawar attack victims.

Not only New Zealand team but Pakistan team will also share the pain of the families who lost their children and loved ones in this brutal attack either by sending gifts and other stuff or by visiting the families in person.

This is one of the worst incidents of brutality in the history of the nation and many notable personalities from almost every walk of life have visited injured children in hospitals and also their families.

Captain Gul Sher Visits Peshawar Victims

From president, prime minister and chief of army staff to captain Gul Sher of famous drama serial Alpha Bravo Charlie to Imran Khan and various others have already visited and Younis Khan along with remainder of Pakistani Cricket team is in queue to visit them really soon.

Famous Pakistani British Boxer Amir Khan has also announced that he will soon visit Peshawar to meet the injured children and those families who have lost their loved ones in this brutal attack. In addition he has donated his 30,000 pounds worth of boxing shorts to the victims to rebuild the school and help the families get back to life.

This incidence has shaken the whole nation on one side but has successfully gathered the nation together and has invoked action as currently few of the famous terrorists have already been hanged to death while many more are inline to be brought to justice.

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