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Facebook Competition by Faisal Qureshi for Participating Rooh e Ramzan

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 20/07/2014)
Facebook Competition By Faisal Qureshi

Facebook Competition By Faisal Qureshi

To retain fame and ratings nowadays an actor or actress must socialize a lot or keep close with his or her fans. In today’s world an actor along with quality work must also socialize with fans a lot because its your fans who have made you what you are. With out fans a celebrity is nothing so the more you keep good relations with your fans or the more you stay close to your fans the more you will retain your fame and ratings.

Faisal Qureshi in this regard is taking some amazing steps which will not only increase his fans but will also step up the rating of his programs. Faisal has announced facebook competition on his official facebook page. The competition has been started since 16th July and will end up in a week Everyday a winner will be announced and prize of the winner will be going to attend Faisal Quershi special Ramzan transmission on TVOne.

In this way 7 days of competition will bring 7 people to Rooh e Ramzan. Its too good for those who haven’t registered for the program as its another chance for fans of Faisal to meet him on his show. Everyone from Karachi can participate in competition by going to Faisal’s official facebook page and that is www.facebook.com/faysalquraishi . Just log on facebook and reach page of talented Faisal and try out your luck.

Faisal is utilizing the technology to its optimum level as he recently has announced to launch is own smart phone application through which his fans will be updated all about Faisal’s activities like his upcoming dramas, projects, dramas timings, his statues. Very Smart of Faisal Qureshi as he has realized the importance of socializing and interacting with his fans.

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