Malaysian Aero Plane Hijacked to Pakistan?

United States media sources claim that Malaysian flight MH370 was taken as a hostage and it is being taken to Pakistan.

Six days ago Boeing 777 disappeared along with 239 people when the flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing and lost communication with the control tower after about 50 minutes.

Flight MH370 Missing

Chinese state agency released satellite images of three pieces of debris in the sea and it is almost the same place where the last position of the plane was recorded in South China Sea. Nothing was found on that spot though.

Possible Crash Location of MH370

The media claim that MH370 engine data shows that the plane continued to travel for about 4 more hours when the contact was lost with the control tower.

Wall Street Journal predicted that the plane might have travelled for another 2200 miles and might have reached to Pakistan or Mongolia. While Fox News directly alleged Pakistan in this regard that the flight MH370 has been taken as a hostage and taken to Pakistan and the activity is connected to terrorism.

Some other US media sources are also claiming the same as Fox News and are promoting this news all over the social media websites. Different analysts and experts termed these claims of US media totally illogical and without evidence and are strictly opposing the possibility of this idea.

US investigators are keeping in view the prospect that the transponders of the flight MH370 were turned off intentionally and the aircraft was diverted from the path but at this point this is just an idea.

This totally seems an effort of the Fox News to portray Pakistan as a negative country and it is just a hoax more than anything else.

Statistics about Flight MH370

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