Mobile Companies and Mobile Makers Top Spenders in Television Advertisements

Mobile communication companies i.e. mobile phone makers and cellular operators remained the top spenders on Television Advertisements in the year 2012-2013. This was revealed in a report by Gallup Pakistan.

Gallup Pakistan is associated with Gallup International which is one of the top marketing research and consultancy organization in the world.

This report was released and published in coordination with Aurora Magazine (Dawn Group Publication). The report revealed that a total of 27 billion rupees were spent on television advertisements and mobile manufacturers and cellular companies accounted for 23% of these 27 billion rupees during 2012-2013.

Top Advertising Spending 2012-13 Pakistan Television

Carbonated soft drinks ranked second in the list and they were 17% behind from the topper category i.e. they accounted for 6% of advertisement expenditure during the same period.

Spending for advertisements on Television channels was further classified into News and Business channels, entertainment channels and cooking channels. The report revealed that mobile manufacturing companies and cellular companies spent most of the amount for advertising in Entertainment and News and business channels. 23% and 25% were spent on these channels for advertising purposes. PTCL, Mobilink and Telenor were the top 3 position holders when it comes to spending money for advertisement.

Top Advertising Spending 2012-13 Pakistan Television 1

PTCL with 6%, Mobilink with 5% and Telenor with 3% are the top 3 spenders and QMobile with 3% has also grown to be a big player when it comes to advertisement.

Advertisement of brands has been either maintained or dropped for some like Telenor Talkshawk has maintained with 1% while Ufone saw a decline from 3% to 1%.

Top Advertising Spending 2012-13 Pakistan Television 4

Print media has seen a decline from 4% to 3% as mobile manufacturers and cellular companies are relying more on digital and social media. Online marketing has been targeted by most of the companies and in coming times it is expected that print media will have lesser and lesser budget allocation from these companies.


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