Sataesh Khan and Malik Noureed Divorced

Sataesh Khan and Malik Noureed are now divorced as claimed by the media reports. Sataesh Khan is a former Pakistan television actress, host and model. She left the showbiz some time ago and she was seen observing complete parda and she intended to invite people to Islam as well.

Staesh Khan Left Showbiz


She was married to Malik Noureed Awan. This is the same person who married a talented Pakistani singer Annie Khalid and then both of them were divorced.

Annie Khalid Got Married

Annie Khalid Controversial Tweet on Twitter

The above two posts show that Annie Khalid was treated very badly. She was divorced after being misused. After Annie Khalid, Malik Noureed Awan married Sataesh Khan and now he is now threatening Sataesh Khan and her family like he did with Annie Khalid.

According to different reports Malik Noureed Awan has ruined the lives of more than 15 girls and now this list include Sataesh Khan as well.

Malik Noureed is the owner of the MMA Airlines that travel from Dubai to Pakistan but according to media sources, MMA is fake, fraud and defaulter Airline.

Social media is full of buzz about Malik Noureed and his sickness. Status update of Sataesh Khan is enough to explain the situation.

My marriage is almost over. The news is true. Noureed along with his brothers Eshtiaq Awan and Oneeb Awan threatned to kill me and my family. We are appealing from the government to provide us protection. We have faith in ALLAH Azzawajal, if I have exposed it on the media, I will speak with evidences. Keep me and my family in special Dua’s


Sataesh Khan

Sataesh Khan 1 Sataesh Khan 2 Sataesh Khan and Noureed Awan 1 Sataesh Khan and Noureed Awan 2 Sataesh Khan and Noureed Awan 3

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  • Malik G Rasool on 17/03/2014

    This guy Malik Naured is a sick person. He uses his wealth to lure the girls and their families. He should be actually behind the bars or in a mental sickness facility. His MMA group is a fraud and recently more than once his offices were raided in Dubai. I don’t know why still girls marry this person. It is said very truly that “fraud people will not die of hunger in this world till stupids are in this world”


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