Nadia Hussain Blessed With Fourth Child

(Last Updated On: 13/12/2014)

Nadia Hussain known for her morning show has recently uploaded a picture with her new born baby boy. Nadia Husaain was already mother of three children which included 2 girls and a baby boy. Now she has became mother of another baby and everybody came to know after she uploaded her picture with her newborn. She also uploaded a selfie before going to hospital. Nadia Hussain is multi talented star and has mesmerizing personality. Her new born baby boy is very cute and adorable. The name of her baby is Sherdad Muhammad Khan.Well the name seems very strong for very cute small little angel but yet the name still is very powerful. Nadia Hussain lives in Dubai and she also is a very great actress. We congratulate Nadia for embracing mother hood for fourth time.

Nadia Hussain Baby Pics

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