Arij Fatima Got Divorced; Separated From Faraz

It is always a heartbreaking moment when you hear about someone’s separation or divorce especially when it is a very young couple like Arij Fatima and Faraz. They were wed locked to each other on 5th of January 2014 in Karachi.

It is almost 4 months after Nikkah when the news has been broken by Arij Fatima on her fan page that she and Faraz are not going to be spending married life together. Arij Fatima is an American Pakistani rich superstar and excellent performer of Pakistani drama and fashion industry.

The separation comes before Rukhsati and both of them did not get to see this amazing world together as a couple. Arij herself explained that there were differences between both the families and the situation was not encouraging. So in the better interest of both families, they decided to end up their relation at this time so that it doesn’t get any bitter.

In her message on her Facebook fan page, she requested her fans not to jump to any conclusions on this matter and said that she knows how it feels when a relationship breaks but one must end it now in order to evade a bitter future.

Salam-I’d like to tell all my fans that my relationship ended just within two weeks of it. It was not anybody’s fault, but there were differences between the families. It was better to end it right now then have issues later amongst families after rukhsati. Please don’t jump to conclusions or say that it was an impulsive move because I, myself, know that when relations end it’s not a good thing but of course there must be a good reason for it. ALLAH blesses him and his family. I have no grudges. Love and forgive for the sake of Allah.


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