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Pakistani Movie “Beyond the Heights” about to Release

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 02/09/2014)
Pakistani Movie “Beyond the Heights

Pakistani Movie “Beyond the Heights

Well the cinema of Pakistan is reviving and everybody is making its contribution to it. We have seen huge masses of people going to cinemas for watching movies, all this happened because Pakistan film industry came up with few mega block busters last year.

Last year Pakistani cinema produced Waar that is the most successful movie in the history of Pakistan, this movie was directed by bilal lashari and while watching the movie one forgets that it’s a Pakistani movie it seems to be Hollywood movie after that zinda bhaag, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and few more did play their role in reviving Pakistani cinema. Now Beyond the Heights is another movie that is set to be released soon.


The movie is based on the effort and courage of brother and sister who belong to a very small village of Hunza valley but their ambitions are skyhigh. They dream to climb the world tallest mountain and that is Mounteverst. Both the sibblings have done it in reality as well. Samia Baig and her brother are real characters and Saima Baig is the first Pakistani women to climb mount everst. The movie is based on how these to managed to climb mount everst and what hurdles and difficulties came in their way while achieveing their dream.

The movie is directed by Jawad Sharif and the move is written by Mirza Ali. Its worth mentioning here that the producer of the movie is also Mirza Ali. Beyond the heights is the most anticipated Pakistani movie right now as it is based on real facts and real characters. It is sort of documentary movie and set to be released soon all over Pakistan. It really is going to be a potential block buster.

Pakistani Movie “Beyond the Heights” Trailer:

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