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Woh Dobara First Horror Drama Series of Hum TV

Woh Dobara First Horror Drama Series of Hum TV

Woh Dobara on Hum TV
Woh Dobara on Hum TV

Hum TV is trying its level best to once again secure the top position in coming up with some extra ordinary and sensational drama series. Hum TV has really played an out of skin role in revival of Pakistani drama industry. Hum TV is always a step ahead of other channels in coming up with some quality oriented programs and that’s the reason why Hum TV has expanded to Hum Network.

Woh Dobara First Horror Drama Series of Hum TVDuring Ramzan ARY network came up with some awesome Ramzan transmission and became the top channel of Pakistan. Hum TV is now trying hard to get the driving seat. In this regard Hum TV came up with it first horror drama series Who Dobara. Pakistan drama industry has produced very few horror drama series and Who Dobara is one of those few. The story of drama revolves around a family that moves to a new house for celebrating a wedding of their family member.

The moment they enter in this new home they sense there is something wrong with this house but ignores it due to wedding but after marriage things starts to get serious. So far 3 episodes of the drama is being aired and people already are liking the effort. The writer of the drama is Syed Atif Ali and is directed by Angeline Malik who is very creative director. The drama series is produced by Angelic Films. The major cast of the drama is Sakina Samoo, Yasra Rizvi , Shahood Alvi and Sana Askari.

The makers of the drama series claim that it is different from other horror drama series. The drama is broadcasted only on Hum network every Friday at 9:10 PM. So if you want to enjoy some horror drama just tune to Hum TV at above mentioned time.

Woh Dobara First Horror Drama Series of Hum TV:

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