Smart Zone is Now Official Samsung Distributor in Pakistan

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 11/03/2014)

Samsung Electronics announced previously that they will launch official distribution in Pakistan. Smart Zone has now been announced as official Samsung Distribution in Pakistan. A contract has been signed between Samsung and Smart Zone. According to this contract, Samsung will provide LED, air conditioner, washing machine and mobiles to the new official distributor as well as the old distributors.

Smart Zone and Samsung has expressed that production of Samsung products locally will start in Pakistan within six months duration and it will provide job opportunities to many Pakistanis.

It is worth mentioning here that South Korean giant Samsung has excelled in various technological fields especially in the field of mobile technology. It is currently giving tough time to technology giant Apple and capturing new markets very quickly.

Entrance of Samsung in Pakistani market will boost Pakistan’s economy and will generate a lot of job opportunities. In addition due to local production, the rates of Samsung products might be more affordable for Pakistani users of Samsung products.

Chairman of Smart Zone (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan Mr. Latif Hakim revealed that in order to deliver superior services in Pakistan, Samsung have collaborated with us. Smart Zone historically is known for providing its customers with revolutionary products as well as unmatchable services and we are always trying to fulfill customer expectations.

The appointment of Smart Zone as Samsung distributor is an addition in current distribution network to ensure further enhancements in the sophisticated and swift network of Sales and Service in Pakistan, enabling us to fulfill the needs of our customers, more proactively

It should be noted that Smart Zone is one of the oldest and largest distribution houses in Pakistan and it boasts multinational clients, strong financials, cutting edge IT, efficient operations, modern warehouses and a passionate team to add to the credentials.

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