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4G LTE customers in Pakistan: Warid surpasses competitors by far

(Last Updated On: 18/06/2015)

With its 10th anniversary, Warid Telecom has achieved yet another milestone by becoming largest and fastest growing 4G LTE network of Pakistan in less than 6 months. The company has progressed in its steadfast devotion and commitment to the provision of advanced services for its valuable customers.

Having attained immense popularity, Warid Telecom owes its ground-breaking repute to the numerous services it has brought in the last decade which includes many of them, first of the industry. It has revolutionized technological advancement by introducing one-of-a-kind service, the launch of first 4G LTE network of Pakistan, making Warid Telecom the first operator to directly transform from 2G to 4G LTE technology. The telecom company has the highest number of LTE subscribers in the country, over 85,000 people subscribed to the network in less than 6 months. The company has introduced innovative Data Sharing Plans and 4G LTE Mifi devices.

While commenting on the 10 years of service excellence of the company, Muneer Farooqui, CEO of Warid Telecom, said that over the past decade, we at Warid Telecom have established ourselves as pioneers amongst innovative cellular service providers. Recently, we expanded into LTE services and became the largest and fastest growing LTE network in less than 6 months. The foundation of  success of Warid lies with our devoted employees and loyal customers. It is their support which has led Warid to become the most trusted brand of Pakistan, he added

Moreover, Warid Telecom has established its network in 1200 cities throughout Pakistan, with 4G LTE network now expanded to 12 major cities, and continuing. The level of comfort that the company has provided for its customers is so high that majority of networks fail to give proper services on the motorway, Warid has the entire motorway service areas covered with its state of the art 4G LTE network.

Warid 4G LTE Speed Test:

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