Airing terrorist-supporting stuff: PEMRA warns TV channels

Written by Mujahid
(Last Updated On: 23/12/2015)

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a notice to AAJ TV, TV One, Royal TV, and Waqt News channels over tossing baseless allegations and passing solemn personalized, derogatory and offensive comments against people along with allowing room to terror units menacing the country.

PEMRA expressed stressful apprehensions on some not so popular TV channels in the recently issued notifications. The authority maintained in these notifications saying these channels have been disregarding information related to terrorism or individual people and to distract state’s main attention from the current war on terror.

Further, PEMRA also highlighted that working as authoritative department of the state, it has to ensure whether any TV channel or any other related medium is involved in spreading hate, malign and rebelliousness within people, department or communities inside the country.

In their notification, the institution admonished the locally run news channels to have check and balance on all their airing content to ensure if the elements have any subversive potential for the viewers, society or the country or state.

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that PEMRA has issued notification bearing warning for the TV channels to stop what they have been doing without any feeling guilty conscious. Earlier, couple of months ago, the media authority had put a ban on couple of country’s TV channels over airing ‘hate speeches’.

It was conspicuously stated in the notification that licenses shall ensure that hate speech by any of channels’ workers or any guest in the talk-shows is not aired. Further, the authority also clarified about what sort of speeches could be hailed under the category of spreading hate. The notification said: “Any expression that may incite violence, hatred or discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, colour, race, gender, origin, caste, mental or physical disability,” must not be given permission to air from the channel.

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