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NetSol Technologies (NTWK) signs $100M contract to implement NFS Ascent

(Last Updated On: 23/12/2015)

In a bid to expand and become more proficient in the field Netsol has got in a contract to get the implementation of NFS Ascent, which will surely be enhancing their services.

Nestol has worked with more than 200 finance and leasing companies in over 30 countries and is one of the highly prestigious company accros the globe.

The company marking it the largest contract in its history announced officially about the signing of a $100 million contract, which includes license, maintenance, services and expected customization, with a long-standing customer to implement NFS Ascent TM.

The company hailing from Pakistan has experienced new heights as it has wide spread across the globe and owes to provide customers satisfaction as their first preference.

The agreement calls for upgrading to NetSol’s NFS Ascent platform, the company’s advanced solution for the auto and equipment finance and leasing industry, from the company’s NFSTM platform in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. The contract also includes implementation of NFS Ascent in South Africa, a new market for NetSol. The implementation phase spans a five-year period, with maintenance and support over ten years.

Here it should be also maintained that earlier this year Netsol was also placed among the ‘Top 500 Software companies to Work For’ by Forbes, which hints about Netsol’s relation with their staff as they call their ‘staff as their principal asset’.

Over such whopping and pivotal contract, the CEO of the company also looked quite promising for the companies better future.

Najeeb Ghauri, CEO of NetSol said:

This is a transformative agreement for NetSol, representing the largest contract in the company’s history, and a strong endorsement for NFS Ascent from a nearly two-decade-long partnership with our client.

The agreement also reflects their trust in NetSol and our talented technology professionals. The significant investments we made in our infrastructure and staffing are paying off and building leverage into our business.

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