Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Challenges Great Khali

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan has shown intent to fight two former WWE Indian Superstars named The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal.

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Pakistani Wrestler

“I want to make history in professional wrestling by doing a Pakistan vs India match like in cricket. It was not done before. First time ever, Pakistan vs India in pro-wrestling, 2 billion people will be excited to see this match. Do you feel the excitement? If it happens one day, this match will make history for sure. I am ready to represent my country Pakistan vs India in pro-wrestling. If I get an opportunity in future, I won’t think a second and accept it directly”

The Great Khali

Jinder Mahal

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan might be living in Paris, France but he is from Pakistan and the only Pakistani pro-wrestler who had applied for WWE Tough Enough but unfortunately this time WWE did not give him a chance. WWE Tough Enough is a platform provided by World’s largest professional wrestling company WWE and the participants undergo professional wrestling training and try to grab a contract with WWE.

The Great Khali is one of the tallest wrestlers ever in WWE and his real name is Dalip Singh Rana. He belongs to India while Jinder Mahal’s real name is Yuvraj “Raj” Singh Dhesi and he is a professional wrestler of Indian-Canadian descent. While working for WWE, Jinder Mahal was a member of 3MB stable and he also was manager of The Great Khali for some time.

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan is only 21 years old and his roots are from Wah Cantt Pakistan. He has already represented Pakistan in pro-wrestling in various countries in Europe and Africa. He currently works for Wrestling Stars (aka Catch WS) which is number 1 pro-wrestling company in Europe. He started wrestling in the age of 11 when he realized that there was no Pakistani in professional wrestling. He is hopeful that soon he will represent Pakistan WWE and New Japan pro-wrestling rings.

Over the years, Baadshah has learned Mexican wrestling moves like suicide dive, top rope splash and tiger bomb. After starting his amateur career in the wrestling ring back in 2010, he started his professional wrestling career in 2012. He has already represented Pakistan in Spain, Belgium and Costa Rica. He is still young and energetic and he will go a long way for sure to represent his homeland, Pakistan.

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