How to Send Money using Timepey Money Transfer

You can now send and receive money to and from family by using Timepey Money Transfer, from any Timepey shop in the most efficient, secure and convenient way. You do not need to have a ZONG connection or to have a mobile phone at all. The best thing about the service is that any person in Pakistan can use this service and no registration is required.

Sending Process of Timepey Money Transfer:

Any person with a valid CNIC can send money or receive money. This service is not limited to ZONG customers, other mobile network customers can also use this service. There is no paper work or form filling required. An instant SMS message will be sent to both the Sender and the Receiver on sending or receiving money. Sending and Receiving can be done from thousands of Timepey shops all over Pakistan.

The sender needs to bring the following for sending money to another CNIC:

  • Their original and valid CNIC along with 1 Photocopy of the CNIC
  • Receiving person’s valid CNIC Number
  • Their own mobile phone number and the receiver’s mobile phone number.
  • Both the Sender and Receiver will receive confirmation SMS messages containing the transaction information.

Znog Timepey Charges for CNIC to CNIC: 

FromToFED (16%)ChargesTotal Charges

Zong Timepey Limit for money transfer:

 You can send up to 15,000/- to CNIC.

 Zong Timepey Helpline:

 For further information and any query, you can contact any time you want on the following help line i.e. 0311-2221333.

Zong Timepey Video:


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