Bank Alfalah’s new TVC unleashes Anwar Ali’s struggle to become a cricketer

With over 500 branches in more than 170 cities in Pakistan, Bank Alfalah is the sixth largest bank of Pakistan till the date. The bank incorporated on June 21, 1992, is up with the aim to ‘inspire’ and ’empower’ the people.

The big business buzz making their mission complete of inspiring people unleashed an example of the Pakistan cricket team’s all-rounder Anwar Ali, who is one of the biggest examples of ‘how hard work pays off’.

The TVC which has been inspiring a large number of eyeballs unfolds the story of a boy who dreamed of the success and approached it with full vigor. Finally, his huge struggle and determination paid off as he made the place into the Pakistan side.

The ad which has got immensely popular also highlights the most beautiful moments of Anwar’s life to those the worst one, but the thing which he possess in both the conditions were self-condition and the passion, which led him to the right path.The Bank Alfalah TVC apart from Anwar’s financial hurdles also showed that how injuries try to hinder in between his aim but he was strong enough to crush them.

This ad possesses time duration of around 1 min 49 sec, however, in such a short time the whole of the scenario from Anwar’s success to the role of Bank Alfalah was narrated.

27-years-old Anwar Ali is at the initial stages so far, although he have played the pivotal role in winning some unbelievable matches for ‘Green Shirts’.

Bank Alfalah’s TVC- presenting Pakistani all-rounder cricketer Anwar Ali


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