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Lahore to have their own theme park like ‘Disneyland’

(Last Updated On: 14/11/2015)

After Pakistan’s first ever ‘Sightseeing  Double-Decker’ service launched today in Lahore, here the government is up with another project to rejoice the lively Lahoris. The current news will be an eye opener for everyone as Lahore will be going to have its own amusement park, which will be similar to the Disneyland.

And in this regard an official agreement  between the Punjab government and a Chinese company has been signed. According to the sources, a Chinese company (Gold Bean Group) has signed the project, which will cost Rs. 36 billion and it will take 1.5 years to built this architectural empire.

Lahore Commissioner Abdullah Sumbal along with Punjab Horticulture Authority director-general Mian Muhammad Shakeel and Chinese company chairman Jin Ming Nan signed the agreement in Lahore on Thursday.

This state-of-the-art Theme Park and Aquarium will surely be boosting the tourism and will be greater entertainment for the resident of Lahore. The provincial capital of Punjab, Lahore possess some ancient places and is quite famous for transporting its inherited culture. And now it will be having one, which will be all about technology and modernism.



Some pictures of the Disneyland, California

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