Book: ‘Kevin Pietersen on Cricket’ could be another ‘audacious’ display by former English batsman

“He came like storm and passed like a thunderbolt”, the phrase better suits the former star English batsman Kevin Pietersen. Whether, you are a KP fan or either you are his No.1 hater, you won’t deny his boldness in and outside the field.

The South-African born English batsman wasn’t able to have some good knot with English Cricket Board (ECB), was ECB not able to handle his highness or KP was unprofessional towards the game of cricket, the question might be a big question in future of English cricket.

Your prejudice might not be applicable on Kevin Pietresen as he’s much more beyond our imaginations. His previous book ‘KP: The Autobiography’, which was an autobiography was a typical aggressive and innovative KP-start.

The autobiography was really different than conventional autobiographies of cricketers as it began with his decline in English cricket team and the people ‘gearing’ behind his failure in the team.

KP’s new venture ‘Kevin Pietersen on Cricket’ could be another power-pact criticism on the people behind his failures. Although, cover of the book unveils that it would be something typical as it will be telling: “The Toughest Opponents. The Greatest Battles. The Game We Love”.

But it would be an incomplete book without aggressiveness and majesty of star batsman Kevin Pietersen. The book will be out on 22 October and hope so it will be an acclaimed success for the right-handed batsman.

You can pre-order it: Kevin Pietersen on Cricket



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